Wellbeing Coaching

Do you feel like life is passing you by?

Are you struggling to find fulfilment in life, love or work?

Does anxiety or stress hold you back in life?

Do you find that your life lacks direction?

Then get in touch and start working towards the happiness your deserve.

As an experienced Wellbeing Coach, I have years of practice supporting others to maximise their potential and take control of their life.

We all have blocks and blind spots that prevent us from achieving our full potential. I want to change that and to see you transcend your limitations by creating a bespoke service to meet your specific needs.

We will work together to unlock your potential and support you to make positive and lasting changes to your overall wellbeing. During our sessions together, you will learn how to take control of your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. I will guide you through the process of creating a vision for your wellbeing, develop a healthy mindset and healthy habits, and encourage you every step of the way until you accomplish your goals.

One-to-one coaching empowers you to imagine, implement and achieve your vision. It instils motivation, encouragement and accountability on your journey. It helps you identify what is holding you back and gain clarity to move forward. Together we will create a plan for achieving your goals which, is both workable and enjoyable.

I have extensive counselling experience, enabling me to best explore and support my clients world. My passion for improving wellbeing led me to ChildLine where I volunteered as a counsellor, for a number of years. I also, worked with young offenders, empowering them to maximise their potential, improve their mental health and find their true happiness. This allows me to say confidently that I am able to positively support clients, even in the most distressing of times or challenging of situations.

The Picture of Wellbeing

The Office for National Statistics reported that in the year ending March 2020, average ratings of life satisfaction, happiness and anxiety, in the UK, all deteriorated; this is the first time since measurements began (in 2011), that these three measures have significantly worsened when compared with the year before.

In the UK, average ratings of anxiety increased by 6.3% in the year ending March 2020 when compared with the year before, from 2.87 to 3.05 (out of 10); this was the largest annual increase in anxiety since we began measuring personal well-being and there has been no significant improvement for any country or region in any of the four personal well-being measures, compared with last year.

Even those with increased material success reported lower levels of wellbeing.

This report preceded the unpresented times that accompanied COVID-19. It is expected that mental health and wellbeing will be further impacted as a result. At Bear in Mind we decided that we could do more to protect and promote wellbeing through one-to-one coaching.

£95 per hour

£85 per hour for block bookings of 4

£70 per hour for block booking of 8

The AC is committed to promoting best practice and raising awareness, standards and ethics of coaching, worldwide.

Established in 2002, The Association for Coaching (AC) is an independent, not-for-profit professional body, with the aim of advancing the profession of coaching, both at a local level and a global level.

As an inclusive body, with members in over 70 countries, it is made up of professional coaches, academic institutions, trainers and providers of coaching, as well as sponsors of coaching from the third sector through to large corporates, building coaching cultures.

Mental health conditions are often hidden due to stigma and fear of discrimination and research has shown that a culture of fear and silence around mental health is extremely costly to organisations. We want to change this!

At Bear in Mind our aim is to raise awareness, break down barriers and create a positive mental health culture in our communities. ​

All our training will improve you personally as well as professionally, ensuring that you are best able to provide support, both in and out of work.

A wellbeing coach is a professional coach who takes a holistic approach to helping you maximise your wellbeing. Rather than concentrate on just one area of overwhelm or problem, they work with you to identify difficulties or issues in all areas of your life.

Coaching is confidential and will be carried out in partnership with to you, in order to help clarify your core values, set priorities and identify your aspirations. Your coach will then work one-to-one with you to guide you towards the actions you need to take in order to attain those aspirations and become the best possible version of yourself. Your goals and aspirations that you identify, will become the focus and you will be encouraged at every step of your journey.

A coach is not there to ‘fix you’ but instead to champion your progress and highlight your potential. By focusing solely on you and your desired goals and aspirations your coach will support you to build your resilience, improve your confidence and remove (or reduce) any barriers or stressors.

Your coach will help you remained motivated, energised and inspired to carry out the requisite actions as your time with a coach will only be as successful as the time and energy that is put into it. A coach’s role is to assist your implantation of the plan required to achieve your goals.

It is for everyone. Your wellbeing is a priority and you deserve fulfilment and happiness.